At Dean Campbell Editorial, we take great pride in focusing our efforts to exactly suit each client’s needs. While the list below offers examples of the sort of work we’ve done before, we believe strongly that each project we do garners best results when we devise a custom plan to suit a client’s goals.


Content Strategy Development

Through a comprehensive discovery and research process, we develop a strategy for creating winning content that captures and engages audiences to help meet business objectives. We’ll hone in on targets using feedback from interviews with business owners, clients past and present. We research rival organizations and delve into online search information. Using all of this information, we identify key facets that we feel represent a competitive advantage. From there, we develop not just one story, but a set of interwoven narratives that work together to promote your brand.


Content Strategy Execution

With more than a decade of experience writing and producing for print, online, and visual media, Dean Campbell editorial has a roster of contacts to help bring your stories to life. We only work with people we trust, because it’s not just your brand on the line, but ours as well. Our collaborators have a wealth of experience in corporate and high performance sport media, having worked on projects thabuilt our reputation in live event production, where our work has to be insightful and entertaining in high pressure environments with tight deadlines and no second chances.


Narrative-driven Story Production

Dean Campbell has been published internationally, having written feature stories that delve into the reasons “why.” He believes that at the core, people fundamentally face similar challenges in life, even if those challenges take different forms. It is this similarity that rings true for audiences, and prompts action. Dean Campbell has limited availability for select commissions to produce feature stories for your audience.


Press Releases

When your message need to be communicated clearly to generate interest and action, a press release or backgrounder package can be just the answer. Dean Campbell Editorial has worked with international organizations, Olympians, and local charities to help raise awareness through press release development. We’re also able to provide support in creating a custom distribution list to target media gatekeepers and influencers in your industry.


Blog Development and Production

Consider this the smaller – but no less effective – sibling to our full fledged Content Strategy process. Through a similar discovery and research process, we’ll create a calendar of topics to address your strategic business needs. By looking carefully at competition and SEO data, we’ll create a custom blend of evergreen and timely content ideas slated for publication when they will have greatest effect. If you need more than a plan, we can produce the content for you, providing a turn-key content operation that allows you to focus on your core business while taking advantage of our best abilities.